Gluon Builder Documentation

Welcome to the Gluon Builder Documentation!


This gluon builder is deprecated. We use the build-scripts in instead.


This software is written by Members of Freifunk Mainz, Wiesbaden und Umgebung to provide an automated mechanism compiling the fabulous Gluon firmware..

Since we accomplish to provide multiple mesh networks for multiple (sub-) communities over just one Gateway-Server in parallel (there are however multiple Gateway-Servers to gain redundancy) this software helps us to compile multiple gluon releases fitting to the configuration of the communities.

Contributions are highly welcome, also feel free to use the issue tracker if you encounter any problems.


The core is implemented as a shell script ( - it depends heavily on it’s helper scripts - written in Python 3. The helper scripts all are using photon as a backend for easy and quick programming.


Steps were taken on a fresh Ubuntu 14.10 Desktop

To get going you should first install the packages needed for the builder:

$ sudo aptitude install git python3-pip

Then install the builder by cloning it anywhere (in your home-folder) and installing the requirements:

$ git clone ~/clones/gluon-builder
$ cd ~/clones/gluon-builder
$ sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt -U

To actually compile gluon, you need some more packages:

$ sudo aptitude install build-essential subversion libncurses5-dev zlib1g-dev gawk

Then check the output locations (['publish']['http_root_dir'] in common/defaults.yaml) and make then writable for your user or change them. Now your are ready to build the first experimental:


See ./ --help for furher options ( calls, so they share the same arguments..)


In the following the builder is documented in order how a normal compiling procedure is processed.

Further stuff: